On this blog post, you will see a list of suggested Christmas presents for artsy people. You don't need to spend a lot of money to give something great.

On this post, we will be focusing our attention on Christmas presents for artsy people (you can also check out my suggestions for techies and for creative readers).

Artsy people are those that you usually see drawing, painting or doing crafty stuff everywhere.

They do it because it gives them pleasure and peace of mind. Some of them have an art background, but a lot of them don’t and aren’t particularly worried about it. They do it for the fun of it and are happier because of that (or at least, look like).

This is my list of suggestions just in case you know any artsy and would like to give them something nice for the Holidays.


Noote – Custom Brick Notebooknoote

A Notebook is something most of us appreciate, but to an artsy, it is pure gold. They represent endless creative moments. From scrapbooking to collage or doodles, there’s a sea of possibilities right there.

This one is a favorite of mine. It’s a Portuguese product (hurray!) and the awesomeness of this notebook is that you can choose your own design or pick one from their collection without additional costs.

Besides, it’s one of those do it your self, kind of product. The person will have to assemble it herself. Cool, right?

So you will provide twice the fun (and possibly receive twice the love).

It will cost you something between 37 to 49 euros (plus shipping), depending on having bricks just on one or both sides.


Game of Thrones coloring bookgot-coloring-book

Well, you have to consider this present as a must get. Get one for yourself (and myself!) while you’re at it.

And if your friend has never seen it or is one of those people who say that they don’t “see what’s the big deal about it”, end that friendship right now. If you are the one that is a nonbeliever, well, SHAME!

Joking aside, a coloring book is a good way to relax and be creative at the same time. You can consider more conventional options or choose another theme like Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter or Doctor Who.

You can find multiple choices at Book Depository. This particular one costs around 12 euros with free worldwide shipping.


Aqua Notes

I didn’t even know this exists.

If you’re going for the “wow factor” and/or the weird curiosities, this is the perfect gift.

Also, if your buddy is more creative in the shower, he/she will love it without a doubt.

This a notepad that you can write, doodle at or both, while you’re showering. Crazy, I know.

Besides that, you can also remove the sheet you were working on and continue outside the bathroom (we don’t want to increase water bills with this present).

You can order one or two sets at Amazon, and pay from around 7 to 14 euros.


Quote pencils

A pencil. Such a small and un-personal present… but a very useful one.

Is more likely that your friend has multiple pencils, even if he/she prefers other activities that don’t necessarily involve drawing or painting.

A pencil is a must go when it comes to doing quick drafts, mind maps or even, lists (am I the only one who still does them with pencil and paper?).

Then, if you choose a funny, customized pencil (or several) it will surely make someone smile.
I suggest these ones from Etsy because I’m coffee addicted. They will cost you around 4 euros plus shipping.



I never got a workshop voucher as a gift but in my opinion, it’s an interesting and different idea.

Still, when purchasing a workshop’s voucher you have to consider: 1) if the person likes the subject or, at least, is willing to give it a try; and 2) if the schedule and date are flexible or can be altered.

But, since most of the times, we don’t know how someone else’s agenda is going to play out, I have come across an alternative. What if, instead of a voucher you could send the workshop directly to their home?That’s right.

You can fill in some information and a surprise workshop box will be sent out to your friend with all the necessary supplies to complete the entire activity.

A one time surprise box can be bought for 16 euros. If you want to receive/send more than one, you will pay from 40 to 138 euros (plus shipping).

This is the last post where I recommend holiday presents for creative people, but feel free to let me know your opinion and other suggestions you might have.


PS: As I’ve mentioned before, if you buy my suggestions from Book Depository, they will give me a small fee for those. So be a pall and do that (seriously, I need the money to buy Christmas presents too 🤑🎄).

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