graphic design September 27, 2018

How I learned to love a logo (the hard way!)

A month or so ago I decided to enroll in a 30-day logo challenge. Why? Because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t good at designing logos and I wanted to see if it’s true.

At the very first logo, I froze. I started to feel anxiety kicking in because I wanted to be as faithful to the briefing as possible. Other than that, it was a feminine logo that required a pink and purple palette. And even though I don’t discriminate colors, pink is not a friend of mine.

I was about to give up if it wasn’t for my boyfriend and his infinite patience (thank you!).

After searching Pinterest for similar brands, I managed to do the logo and came up with cool variations as well. I was ecstatic. Over the sudden not only wasn’t I happy with my side learning project/challenge but also excited about the next one. And when that happened, I knew something good was going on.

The logo experience was different every time

Over time I entered what I like to call “the logo zone.”

Every day I would check the Logocore briefing, extract keywords and requirements, do some Pinterest research and then it was time to design the logo.

Some days I manage to do them without a problem, while others I struggled with multiple things. Sometimes the frustration of not being able to put into paper what I had imagined, also caught up with me. Still, I wasn’t going to give up after gaining the strength to do it.

What came out of the experience

Doing a logo every day was enjoyable but wasn’t easy. In the beginning, I was pumped, and I had multiple ideas for the logos, but after a while, I had long and tiring days where I didn’t feel like turning the computer for anything other than Netflix.

Still, the next day I would gather some courage and do all the logos that were behind plus the logo of the day. I know this isn’t the right way to do it, but still, I manage to do them all. I did all of the 30 logos.

So not only did I discover that I can indeed design them, but that I did some pretty nice ones that make me proud of myself.

Along the way, I also manage to buy the most incredible book – The Logo Modernism – which I will review in a blog post later on.

I guess that more than sharing my way of overcoming this obstacle or how I did it in a technical aspect, I wanted to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and do the 30-day Logocore challenge. It’s a good practice, you get to see other approaches to the same briefing, and you can even have your logos shared on their Instagram account.

Will you give it a try? Check out my end result and l me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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