Today’s post is about a number, how that number changed a woman perspective on things and got her to initiate something new.

It’s International woman’s day today. So like any other day of the year, we have to stick together and fight for equal opportunities.

Both genres are equally qualified and talented in so many fields. There’s no logic behind the fact that in 2018, we still need to talk about payment gaps and sexism in the work industry.

We mentioned women working in the creative industry before and the difficulties they had to face in order to be respected. Still, there’s no such thing as “over-talking” topics like this one. And since March is all about celebrating powerful and brilliant women, this month I’m doing exactly that: I’ll tell you all about different women and their non-conforming attitudes.

Today’s post is about a number and how that number changed a woman’s perspective on things and got her to initiate something new.

Kat Gordon was a copywriter/creative director who used to see women being left out of important business decisions even in big companies.

While investigating the matter, she found out that only 3% of all creative directors were women. This low percentage is due to factors like lack of maternity support and overlooking women in the work environment.

At that point, she decided that it was enough, it was time to raise the number. That’s when the 3% Movement was born.

This initiative managed to raise the bar up to 11% – which is a great step -, but still not enough. There’s still a long way to go and a lot to be do in educating people everywhere.

Regardless of being a man or a woman, take some time to think about this. How many female colleagues do you have? Do they get the same opportunities as their male counterparts? If the answer is no, can you do something to help them?

Let me know if you are willing to joining the 3% Movement and fight for a 50/50 creative industry.

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