trends February 15, 2018

Bring me my video!

I deliberately chose not to write about this year design trends, since there are already too many blog posts about that. But, I have to address something that is becoming WAY too important to ignore and that’s video.

Let me be more specific: when I say video I mean everything that isn’t a static image.

Look around and tell me if everywhere you look there isn’t some kind of motion happening. From GIFs to small customized animations to video looping, there’s no escaping from this trend. And from the look of it isn’t going to stop anytime sooner (no pun intended).

We see these animations on the web, we see them on apps and even on giant screens in physical shops.

Big companies like Facebook, Instagram, and even Google are taking advantage of this trend.

Facebook started by allowing small videos and GIFs as profile pictures and has now transported these functionalities to cover images. It has also embraced temporary stories like Instagram does, so you can share live content with your followers. And I’m not even going into detail about how many more animated GIFs we have seen on Instagram lately and the frenzy with 360º degrees videos.

Also, Google is testing a new way to navigate through search results. And as you’ve probably guessed, it involves movement. It’s going to be something that resembles Instagram stories and provides a more visual way see Google’s results.

Shout out to all designers (and everyone else): embrace this “new” trend

Due to video booming, companies are using these tools to promote their products, show some exclusive content and connect with bigger audiences. So before delegating or hiring someone else to do video content, try to understand it first and go with the flow. You can use some simple tools like Motion Still app and Keynote.

Most importantly: get excited! The world is working at a crazy pace but you don’t have to stand on the sidewalk. Grab your smartphone and your computer and get moving!

Also, do you know any more tools? Please share with the rest of us; sharing is caring.

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