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Coca-Cola’s TCCC Unity: part of a bigger branding plan

Coca-Cola is a 132 years old beverage. It was invented by a pharmacist named John Pemberton, in 1886. It was only in 1898, that became a beverage brand.

Ever since that, it has become one of the most known and recognized brands worldwide and therefore, always tried to adapt their strategy to different markets and stay on top of trends.

Lately, is in the center of controversy due to sugar consumption and obesity, which may lead to a huge sale decrease.

So in order to please a more informed and aware consumer, and have a strong comeback, Coca-Cola announced the creation of new drinks this year. These will range from new flavors to more healthy and vitamin-infused options.

Also, just a few days ago, Coca-Cola’s vice president of global design, James Sommerville, announced the release of their new custom typeface, TCCC Unity. TCCC stands for The Coca-Cola Company and was designed by Brody Associates.

Besides working both in physical and digital environments, it also has its own IOS and Android apps. In Sommervilles’ words it “encapsulates from Coca-Cola’s past and its American modernist heritage.”

On a personal level, I really like the typeface. I wouldn’t associate it with the brand but it’s a nice, clean, easy to use type.

The bigger plan for Coca-Cola

My point with this post isn’t to talk about the type itself, but the fact that Coca-Cola is trying to keep up with other brands. It’s trying to be more consumer and digital-oriented (like Youtube or Airbnb).

Please know that I’m not advocating for drinking (or not) Coca-Cola’s products, that is a personal choice that you make as a consumer.

All I’m saying is that with a custom type creation, they are trying to make a statement that, although they are a brand with physical products, they can also stay on top of digital and incorporate that aspect into the brand strategy. They want to be more than a beverage brand, they want to be a true “Unity”.

Corporations aren’t perfect. Especially global ones like Coca-Cola. But if they are willing to make an effort to hear the consumer, adapt accordingly and step up their game, they might have a chance to turn their reputation around. In the process, they might even contribute to something better. They just have to listen and evolve.

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