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Design Disruptors review: no one knows everything, especially designers

I confess; I only discovered this documentary recently (even though I’ve been using InVision on and off for some years now).

Still, I was very pumped to hear about this documentary and even more after watching the trailer.

In order to see it, I found out that I needed to request permission to Invision and soon after that, I received an online ticket with an exclusive code.

So now, like I did, sit back, relax and find your perfect time to watch it too because, boy, it’s worth it. And this is why.

First, you get to see all these designers faces from huge, leading companies. Pinterest, MailChimp, Facebook, Netflix are only some of them. You get to know not only what they think about their specific jobs, but also on topics like design, design disruption and some other insights.

Secondly, they demystify what is to be a designer and what designers do. Is not about magic tricks, having brilliant ideas or making things prettier. (I personally hate when people think I spend time making things prettier. Please, stop doing that.)

Designers work hard, have shitty ideas like everyone else and fail, fail a lot. Also, they reinforce the idea that a designer isn’t someone who is a ninja at Photoshop and every single Adobe program (I don’t like Photoshop and, frankly, who has the time to keep up with everything from Adobe anyway?)

Basically, as they mention in the movie “it’s not about pixels, it’s the act of solving problems”.

Lastly, I think it’s very cool how they openly talk about their career options and how they became designers. Also, it was a nice touch mentioning that designers like to come up with all sorts of titles for themselves. After all, we all know there’s a bunch of big egos in design.

These are my top 3 reasons for recommending this documentary. It’s also a good idea to watch it with colleagues, others designers and those people who insist that you are an “embellisher”.

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