Cat Chow Kitten Packaging

Purina Cat Chow is a food brand for cats, owned by Nestlé.
Primarily, as a pet owner, I buy this brand due to price point/quality, and because my kitten loves the food. 
However, as a designer, the packaging isn’t as appealing as it could be, and, for that reason, I decided to change it.

This is not a paid work that was done for Purina’s brand Cat Chow but rather a concept project.

A few things that I consider while designing the packaging:

  • The overall look seems both too vet-ish and outdated. I went for something that looks more appealing, yet in line with the brand;
  • Too many languages considered, which makes the packaging look confusing and off-putting. I considered only Portuguese and English;
  • There was some repetitive information that I discarded. I kept the main info that owners search for when buying food for their cats: ingredients; benefits; dosage, and contacts;
  • Only one flavor is available for kittens – chicken – but I also decided to consider salmon as an option.

Image credits Natacha Oliveira