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Why we should join Ladies, Wine & Design

I decided to write this post mainly to address an issue that still needs some reflection and lots of changes: job inequality.

The fact is that, although I see a great number of woman working in design and being very successful at it, there aren’t as many recognition and career progression for them as there is for their male colleagues (or at least I feel like there aren’t in my country). I’m not sure why this happens, but I know that we have to do something and we still need to talk about it (this a request to all the ladies that are reading this to share their own experiences).

So this post is about one badass lady designer called Jessica Walsh and her initiative Ladies, Wine & Design.

Who is this ninja designer anyway?

Jessica Walsh is a designer and art director that lives in New York. She has done an internship in Stefan Sagmeister’s agency and later they combined forces to create SAGMEISTER & WALSH.

But you are fooling yourself if you think she’s “the typical designer”. Besides having an amazing career at 31, she doesn’t stick to traditional approaches. I often see her work as being disruptive and a real-time junction between design and other creative mediums. I also admire her courage for using bold, vibrant colors and doing side projects like 40 Days of Dating.

She won several awards and was nominated in Forbes Magazine as one of the “30 under 30 top creatives designing the future”. So you see why she is a ninja badass lady working in design.

About Ladies, Wine & Design

Jessica decided to start this gathering in New York after writing about women roles in creative fields on another of her side projects called 12 kinds of Kindness. The initiative intended to create “mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, and creative meet-ups”.

Quickly it spread to other parts of the world and, according to the website, in less than a year there were 120 cities doing these women gatherings.

I believe it is great for creating small local support communities. Whether if they are working, studying or want to pursue a creative career path, all women are welcome.

The best way to find out if there is one in your city is checking the website. Find out the list and the name of the person in charge and send an e-mail. It might require some sort of registration but apart from that, you don’t have to pay for registering.

I haven’t been to one yet, but sooner or later I will and will tell you all about it afterward.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section. Tell me if you have felt that you are treated differently or not and if you are a part of Ladies, Wine & Design already.

About Melted

Melted was born in 2017. 
Back then, I was facing some hard time regarding my profession (or lack of), but I wanted to push forward and inspire others to do the same.
So I put my fears aside, and several huge cups of coffee later, this project was online.

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