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Presents for creative readers

How many people do you know who love to read? A bunch, right? And if they don’t, maybe you can now give them a reason to start.

The oder day I gave you a list of a few suggestions for buying presents for creative techies. This time around, I was thinking about creative readers when I wrote this list.

I’m sure that you probably won’t have any trouble when it comes to buying a present for a creative that loves to read; there are a lot of alternatives on the web. In any case,  I thought that there’s no harm in suggesting a few things anyway, just in case you need more ideas.

I hope the following suggestion can give you some additional inspiration:

In this image, there’s an orange book cover with a quote on it. This is an example of a present suited for creative readers.
1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
In this image, there are four colorful bookmarks. This is an example of a present suited for creative readers.
3. LastWord Bookmarks
In this image, there’s an ebook cover displayed on a tablet. This is an example of a present suited for creative readers.
2. Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly
In this image, there’s a cover for an edition of Printed Pages magazine. This is an example of a present suited for creative readers.
4. Printed Pages Magazine

1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

I haven’t read this book yet (it’s on my wishlist so I will, eventually). I first came across it while I was visiting a bookshop in London and was immediately attracted by the orange cover and the provocative title.

It’s not a book exclusively for creative readers, but I think it’s a good option considering that designers and creative alike are usually under a lot of pressure and stress. 

You can buy it in Book Depository’s website, and will cost you around 14 euros, withe free shipping worldwide. 

2. Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly

This is another book that I want to get my hands on.
From what I researched, it’s about the process between an idea and putting in to practice, with some real-life examples as inspiration.

I believe it can have a big impact on creative readers such as designers, marketers and even your boss (just be careful, this book might generate some crazy ideas).
You can also find this second book at Book Depository for less than 9 euros (with free shipping also). 

3. LastWord Bookmarks

You’ve just read the title and went WTF? Bookmarks, really? Yes, you read it right.

I’m totally into having a fun, well designed, different bookmark and I guess other creative readers will as well. I found these on Bazaaar and was kind of fascinated by them. They come in a variety of four different colors, so you can get the full bundle and give each bookmark to different people if you’d like.

I’m sure your creative friends will appreciate them even more because they can stretch and therefore fit into any book, and they were awarded silver at the IDA Design Awards this year. What better than an awarded design bookmark, right?

You can buy the set for around 20 euros plus shipping. 

4. Printed Pages Magazine

Ok, this one is a little trickier. You have to know more about the person in question and do some research before choosing the right magazine.

Be open to the idea of looking for international publications. They will cost you more, but possibly have a bigger impact as a creative gift. Some of my favorites are: Courier, Flow, Frankie, Oh Comely, Printed Pages, and Slanted (check them out, they’re worth it).

In this post, I chose to suggest Printed Pages since it’s a big publication (240 pages) with a lot of work from inspiring creative professionals. It cost around 11 euros plus shipping, or you can opt for purchasing a bundle of 3 for 21 euros (plus shipping).

Are you considering any of my suggestions? Do you have more ideas? Let me know!

I also want to let you know that if you choose to buy the books that I’ve mentioned, Book Depository will give me a 5% affiliate fee, without additional costs to you.

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