In this blog post, I'll suggest some Christmas presents for those who know creative techies and don't what to spend too much money.

Entering December one can’t help feeling the Christmas spirit.

When this time of year comes around, I start craving hot chocolate, tacky Christmas songs and stuff like sweaters, elves’ ears, Santa’s hat and, of course, Disney movies ( I am still a kid at heart!).
This is also the time when we start panicking about Christmas presents and the number of people we’ll have to face while waiting in line to pay for the present.

Other than that, there’s also the problem of choosing the right presents. I mean, we all know that “after a certain age we care less about the presents and more about being with people” sort of cliche but still, we like to give things that will be remembered, used and truly appreciated.

So, this year I decided to dig deep and suggest you some cool gifts you can buy for that special friend, colleague, loved one or if you’re having secret santa in the office.
I will divide them into three categories (techies, creatives and readers) and post them in these next few days but, ultimately you choose the one you think it may be the best for your case.

So, let’s start with presents for techies.

We all know at least one person who truly loves all things related to the newest and most awesome gadgets. They can be Apple aficionados, social media addicts or just an average person who always wants the latest technology. This usually means that you will have to spend big bucks to give him/her a present.

But what if you could give them something less expensive and equally nice? Check out these options:

1. Classicbot Classic
3. Glumes Portable Power Bank
5. Wireless Bluetooth JBL headphones
2. Knops
4. Xenvo Shutterbug

Classicbot Classic
Ok, I know this isn’t tech, but I guarantee you that if you have an “Apple friend” like I do, it’s a sure win. This little fellow will cost you less than 31 euros and you can order it from The Bazaar online store.

Ever wondered what life would be like if you could turn it down for a moment? Well, you can with this gadget. I first saw this on Kickstarter but you can pre-order it at The Bazaar from 66 to 74 euros, depending on your color choice. This is a more expensive gift but also a very cool one.

Glumes Portable Power Bank
If you carry on of these, it can be your life saviour, if you have an iPhone.
Maybe it’s a little on the girly side but I found it very funny. 
This power bank will cost you around 18 euros plus shipping, and it’s from Amazon.

Xenvo Shutterbug
This one works great for the selfie addict. It’s a shutter that easily connects to your device via Bluetooth.
It can be used with Android or ISO, both on tablets and phones.
It will cost you around 12 euros plus shipping, and it’s also from Amazon. 

Wireless Bluetooth JBL headphones
Everyone needs to enter their own world and listen to their favorite music every once in a while. That’s why I love headphones so much.
So, if you know that your pall loves music and prefers headphones, he/she will love these for sure.
Since you can buy them in multiple stores, compare prices before purchasing it. As an estimate, it should cost you around 40 to 50 euros.

I hope that this list of suggestions helped you somehow or has given you some new ideas. 
Let me know what you think in the comment section and happy shopping!

PS: I don’t have any kind of agreement with the mentioned stores. I truly believe these are great products.

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