I realized something very important: Santa is a designer. In this blog post you will find out once and for all what is Santa true profession.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year so ever since I can remember I write a letter for Santa (this time around I wrote it here because I know he is a follower).

Also, while I was writing my wishlist, I realized something very important that never occurred to me before: Santa is a designer. That’s right, I am absolutely certain that old Nicholas is a designer and I have 5 reasons that support this allegation (there are actually 6 but the last one might or might not be true to all designers).

1. He has a list of restrictions

Like all good designers, Santa does his research. He knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice and how to reward each person accordingly. He also knows that is essential to make all costumers happy, so even when they haven’t been the most loving he throws in a small freebie, just to keep them coming back for more.

2. He has to keep up with the latest trends

Every year costumers put new products on the list and they expect Santa to deliver. So he has to keep up with trends and subscribe tons of newsletters in order to learn everything before December, otherwise, he’s screwed.

Besides that, he also has to worry about competition like Amazon, who can know deliver products inside people’s houses. Something that was his wow factor (and a bit creepy) is no more, so he has to step up his game.

3. Has to think about the budget all the time

This might come to you as a shock but Nicholas has a budget and if he doesn’t keep an eye on that, things get really messy. Do you remember that Christmas that you only got socks and pajamas? It was Nicholas fault. He spent too much on someone else’s gift and had to compensate by spending less money on you. So someone got the new iMac that you were hoping for that year. Better luck next time.

4. Always works and delivers up until the last minute

We all know that Christmas is only once a year. We also know that Santa has the toughest clients all around the world: other designers.

So for him to be able to deliver products in time for the big date, involves a lot of work up until the last second.

Luckily for him, some choose to open presents on the 24th and others only on the 25th so he has a more or less comfortable time range to deliver.

5. Works overtime

This guy is probably the designer that puts in more overtime work. Not only does he work all year long on the same project – to please a wide range of people – he also works 48 hours without sleeping to make sure everyone gets something and is pleased enough with the present (or so he hopes).

6. Likes to be rewarded with cookies

This is a no-brainer motive. Santa likes to eat cookies as a reward for his long and hard work.
A lot of people like cookies, including designers, and normally they eat them with a Starbucks coffee. Nicholas prefers to drink a cup of soy milk. He is usually on too much caffeine already and he has been trying to lose weight for a very long time now. So, as you can see, he is clearly a designer.

This Christmas, if you receive some present that isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, don’t be a hard client. Keep in mind that Santa is a fellow colleague and he is doing his best to please everyone.

Merry Christmas! ??

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