typography December 5, 2017

Typography: the struggle is real

As I’ve told you previously, I’m a self-learning, self-discovery kind of a person. Usually, I find the answer to all weaknesses except for two things: logo design and typography.

As much as I keep reading tips, seeing online courses or buying books, somehow I have a real struggle when it comes to choosing and understanding what type (or font) goes better with a specific project.

This is really one of those specific subjects that I would have like to study a lot more during University, but sadly only learned a few basics and I feel that relying on my “design gut” simply doesn’t cut it.

I’ve tried a couple of different approaches, some relied on seeing typography designers doing their thing, but boredom kicks in and I end up being completely unmotivated and going back to square one.

How does one learn about something that looks so strict and full of complex rules like typography?

Well, you know the cliche: persistence, persistence, persistence.

Even though I still don’t feel 100% comfortable when working with fonts, I try my hardest to continue.

I also usually use some tools to make my paring/appropriate font choices like FontSquirrel, Google Fonts, What the Font! (I use this one a lot!) and some cools one that I’ve just discovered like Canva Font Combinations.

Aside from these, there are always books. Even though I don’t have specific books on this subject, I have a few on my wishlist. Thinking with Type, What is Typography and Type Matters! are only some of them.

What about you? What tools, tricks, and resources do you use to work with type? Let me know all about in the comments. I could really use your help in this! 

PS: If you choose to buy any of the books that mentioned, youre using a service that I like a lot and also by doing that, Book Depository is giving me a percentage of your purchase. Thanks!

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