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40 Websites to keep your design juices going

Are you the type of person that absorve websites to stay informed about what’s going on in the rest of the design community?
Or you like to check those few blogs that you know and rely on when you’re having a less inspiring day.

In particular, I feel like there’s a tone of resources that most people don’t know about and are missing out.

For this reason, I decided to put together a list of 40 websites (some are blogs, some are online publications, and others fit into another category).
I divided them into themes so that you can skip to the ones that interest you the most.

Female work

The Women’s Design + Research Unit

WD+RU was founded in ’94 with the intention of raising awareness to work done by women in design and visual communications.
It’s a collective of students and design professionals that showcases self-initiated projects and project invitations.

Women of Graphic Design

This is another Tumblr account that demonstrates the work of female graphic designers. It explores issues of gender equality in education, provided by design institutions.
Even though the website is currently on hiatus, it’s a great resource of inspiration and food for thought.

Graphic Fearless Women

GFW is curated by Luisa Silva Gomes, a contributor of the previous account. She aims to empower women in the field of graphic design, and show that there’s a need for more gender equality in this industry.

Curators’ websites

Webdesigner News

This Curator website wants to help web designers and developers with finding great sources from all over the web, on a daily basis.
You can search for the category that interests you the most, and subscribe to the newsletter so you can receive it directly to your email.


Muzli is the “Designers’ Secret Source” as they put it.
It’s a Chrome extension that appears every time you open a new tab.
Muzli curates from over 150 web sources, so it’s also a good idea if you don’t feel like browsing different blogs.

Graphic Design

Brand New

Brand New analyzes corporate and brand identity. It covers industries from all over the globe and includes new and redesigned identities.
It’s a good place to give feedback as well as to see different opinions.

The Branding Source

Branding Source has a similar goal to Brand New.
Its main focus is to analyze brands from all over, both vintage and new.
But, contrary to Brand New, it’s approach is more succinct and doesn’t offer such an in-depth analysis.


If you’re a packaging fan, this one is for you.
Dieline is a creative platform that wants to show more sustainable, creative alternatives to packaging.
On their blog, you can search for different categories and see the most recent packaging projects.

Art of the Menu

As you can tell by the name, Art of Menu is a special place for those that spend time appreciating well-designed menus.
It showcases menus from around the world as well as some additional branding elements.

SPD – The Society of Publication Designers

SPD is an amazing resource for anyone that works and loves visual storytelling.
There you can search for jobs, events, resources, submit your own work and look for inspiration from other designers.

Spoon & Tamago

If you’re into Japanese culture, most likely you’re into Japanese design too.
Spoon & Tamago was founded twelve years ago, and it’s still going strong.
It focuses on showing all fields of Japanese design, from architecture to graphic design.


Design Made In Japan is, like Spoon & Tamago, an homage to Japan’s design scene.
It was born out of the feeling that, often times, great work from Japan isn’t as disseminated as it should be.

grain edit

Going in the opposite direction, Grain edit focuses on design work from the ’50s to the ’70s, and designers that draw inspiration from those time periods.

Typographic Websites


It’s an online magazine that discusses and reviews typography, icons, and visual language.
You can see examples of poster events, identities, and publications, all using typography as the main element.


It was a magazine that later turned into a book, and now a blog.
You can read about different types, interviews with designers, get book recommendations and much more.


Typeroom is a platform that glorifies typography.
It embraces everything that its type related, from the movable type up to contemporary digital typography.

Fonts in Use

Fonts In Use is a database that documents and examines typographic work. Its main purpose is to improve typographic literature. You can use it for choosing, pairing and combining fonts within your project.

Web Design’ websites


Designmodo is a platform that focuses on showcasing web design and coding articles, tutorials, and trends.
There’s also a job section for anyone who’s looking for new opportunities in these fields of work.

Webdesigner Depot

It started in 2008 and has been a community for anyone that loves the web ever since.
The main focus has been web design but has grown into complementary areas such as visual design, marketing, and content strategy.

A list apart

It was a mailing list in ’97. One year after, they launched the website that remains until this day.
Design, development and web content have been the main topics on this platform.


It’s a monthly curated showcase of designed websites.
To see past months, you’ll have to browse the timeline ruler; the coolest navigation bar I’ve seen.

Websites for students & newbies

Intern Magazine

The intern magazine was born of the premise that creative workers should be paid fairly for their work.
Since 2013, they’ve been using editorial, videos, podcasts, events and workshops to provide tools to newbie designers.

Shillington Design Blog

It’s a blog run by Shillington Education, a design school with hands-on design education.
The blog features interviews, resources, jobs and much more.

Website with news, tips & inspiration

The Designest

The Designest is a professional blog that presents recent news and trends from the design industry. Aditionaly, it also provides good resources such as tutorials and freebies.

Design Observer

Design Observer looks like an ordinary online newspaper, except it’s all about design.
Arts and Culture, Business, Education, and History are some of the topics that are seen through a design perspective.


It’s a digital publication that started out as a personal blog.
In ABDUZEEDO you will find articles related to design, photography, and UX.

Creative Review

Creative Review was a magazine that started in 1980.
Nowadays, it’s a place to read about everything creativity related as well as themes such as in-house working teams.


The “Tate Modern of the Internet,” provides over 6000 articles about creative disciplines such as art, design, photography, craft, illustration and more.

Dezeen Magazine

This magazine specializes in architecture and interior design from around the world. Furthermore, it also runs an annual competition that awards the best in architecture, interiors, and design.

At Issue Journal

Is a weekly journal that examines design from a business point of view. There, you can read about architecture, signage, interaction, product design, and visual communication.

Creative Bloq

Is an online publication for professionals with all creative backgrounds.
Graphic and web designers, illustrators, digital painters, 3D, and VFX artists. Creative Bloq delivers content to everyone.

Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is an online magazine that showcases creative work from around the world.
Design, typography, architecture, and fashion are some of the covered topics.

It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That has created more than a website; it’s an online and offline creative community.
Besides online articles, they also publish a bi-annual magazine called Printed Pages and a monthly talks series entitled Nicer Tuesdays.

Mindsparkle Mag

Is an online magazine that promotes design, web design and video projects. The design category includes subcategories such as graphic design, branding, photography, art, interior design, product design, and architecture.

Websites by Studios & Companies


MOO is a company that provides printing stationary services.
Their blog focuses on interviews and inspiration posts.

we made this

We Made This is a graphic design studio of Alistair Hall.
Hall has been writing about design and visual culture for over ten years.

Johnson Banks Thoughts

Michael Johnson established Johnson Banks in 1992. He’s been writing about design for over a decade and all his posts have been compiled under this Thoughts section.

Inside Design by InVision

InVision is a company that doesn’t require an introduction.
Besides Muzli, InVision developed their own blog: Inside Design.
There you can find design resources, videos, inspiration, and everything design related.


Is a magazine made by creators for creators.
Besides showing creative work and the latest news, they offer advice on how to effectively grow a career as a creative.

Eye on Design by AIGA

AIGA is the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organization in the United States of America.
Eye on Design is their online publication that aims, not only to showcase AIGA’S work, but also expose inspiring work from everywhere else.

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